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This is a program to tell the Gnome 3 desktop that a file was recently used, so as to let it show up in the recent files list. It was debugged thanks to ebassi's answer on Stack Overflow.


Build with

meson setup build
(cd build && meson compile)

Then run with

cd build
./flagRecent /some/absolute/path/to/file.any

Note that flagRecent does not check if the file truly exists. And ATM it is the user's role to tell its editor to use flagRecent.

Collateral usefulness

It doubles as a test case for language server protocols, such as ALE for vim with clangd. Note that clangd will be unable to figure #include directives on its own ; it will rely on a compile_commands.json file to do that. This is the purpose of the file. If you have the needed tools installed (specifically, vim, vim-ale, meson and clangd), then you need only

meson setup build

This will create a build subdirectory, and populate it with some files, such as said compile_commands.json. Edit the source with

vim flagRecent.c

Alternatively, there is also an attached Makefile using bear to create the compile_commands.json. To use, you need to have bear installed. Then build the project with


If you have a properly configured a language server and eg clangd, you should get linting with the proper includes (that is, gtk+-3.0).