my daily dotfiles
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My dotfiles

Those are my dotfiles ! They are copyleft, so you don't even have to quote me to use them. They give sensible tweaks for the following programs :

  • vim
  • neovim
  • zsh
  • bash
  • git


This is rather old-school. you might want to go somewhere sensible for you and

git clone
cd dotfiles

And then pick some of the following :

ln -s $(pwd)/.bashrc ~/.bashrc
ln -s $(pwd)/.zshrc ~/.zshrc
ln -s $(pwd)/.shell ~/.shell
ln -s $(pwd)/.gitconfig ~/.gitconfig
ln -s $(pwd)/nvim ~/.config/nvim
ln -s $(pwd)/.vim ~/.vim
ln -s $(pwd)/.vimrc ~/.vimrc
ln -s $(pwd)/.Xresources ~/.Xresources


.vim and nvim both have some submodules to pull some useful plugins. You can pull them anytime like this :

git submodule init [hit tab to get completion on the available submodules]

I use some other plugins that are provided by Arch or its AUR repository, namely :

  • vim-fugitive
  • vim-gitgutter
  • vim-indexed-search-git
  • vim-lightline
  • vim-auto-pairs
  • vim-tagbar
  • vim-mesonic
  • vim-gtk-recent-git
  • vim-vala-git
  • avim.git-git
  • python-pynvim (needed by vim-gtk-recent-git)

I use neovim's nightly release, that provides a language server protocol implementation. Those are the language servers that I have installed for it to use :

  • vim-language-server
  • pyright
  • typescript-language-server-bin
  • vscode-css-languageserver-bin
  • vscode-html-languageserver-bin
  • yaml-languageserver-bin
  • nodejs-vls for vue.js
  • vala-language-server
  • rls (for rust, provided using rustup component add rls rustfmt)


.gitconfig relies on .vim/pack/diffconflicts/start/diffconflicts . It also states my username as a remote login, be sure to check it out before sourcing.


I must admit I didn't use my .bashrc lately ; the thing is, zsh really is more useable. BTW, I use powerline-rs for a shell prompt, it's compiled, which makes it very efficient, and it's pretty neat.

.shell contains some sub-scripts sourcable by bashrc or zshrc, like shell aliases and the like.

Oh and I use the awesome themer to give all those folks some harmonious semantic colours.

I think that's it, enjoy !